About Us

The AI Sandbox™ is brought to you straight from the secret laboratories of AiGameDev.com. Since delivering the 2012 Vienna Game/AI Conference in September, the largest independent conference about Artificial Intelligence and Game Development, the team has devoted itself to improving the state of the art of Game/AI through community involvement. The Capture The Flag AI Competition is the first step!

IMPORTANT: We are hiring! If you're enjoying the CTF competition and would love to do this kind of work as a full time job, see below for details!

Alex Champandard

As an Game AI programmer at heart, Alex worked on the AI and animation for MAX PAYNE 3 at Rockstar Games and the multiplayer bots for KILLZONE 2 & 3. He's consulted for the leading studios around Europe, and has interviewed more than a hundred professional developers specializing in artificial intelligence for AiGameDev.com.

Though he's technically a founder and owner of AiGameDev.com, he spends his days reminding the team he's not the boss and all decisions in the company are unanimous! (He's very proud when the result of this process are cool things like Capture The Flag competitions.)

Petra Champandard-Pail

She joined Alex as the co-founder of AiGameDev.com KG. and is the creative force in the team, and perplexes the rest of the team by how much time she enjoys spending in vector drawing programs!

Petra is also the logistical mastermind behind the Game/AI Conference that brings together over 300 developers from around the world. Without her, the event wouldn't be the leading independent event in the field coming up to its 6th year.

Philip Dunstan

Though originally from Australia, Phil has ended up living and working at AiGameDev.com's secret labs in Austria. He now enjoys living in Vienna, and no longer misses kangaroos and dingos.

Previously, Philip was a Software Engineer for seven years at Electronic Arts. As a member of one of EA's central technology group Philip worked with teams from many of EA's biggest IPs — including FIFA, NEED FOR SPEED, NHL and Harry Potter.

Richard Kogelnig

Richard was so surprised to find out that the leading force behind the Game/AI community was based in Austria that he applied immediately. The team was more than happy to run behavioral experiments on with him. The outcome is still outstanding, but the early results are promising.

Richard studied Computational Intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology. In his master thesis he specialized on decomposition-based motion planning and he is fascinated by the application of advanced graph-based methods in AI.

Kieran Lord

Kieran embodies the forces of game design and rapid iteration on the team. He's a strong advocate of smooth workflows and puts these philosophies to use while working on The AI Sandbox™. He's occasionally seen wrestling vocally with boost::python.

Prior to this, Kieran has worked at Pandemic Studios, Krome and Strangeloop Games as well as working as a freelance independent developer. Most recently working on gameplay and  an adaptive music system for the AAA indie title VESSEL.

Matthias F. Brandstetter

Matthias is the recent addition to our team. He helps developing the sandbox and maintains the Java client.

This Could Be You!

Do you enjoy working on artificial intelligence and games? Are you a C++ wizard that loves working on engines and infrastructure? Do you find conference organization and community relations fascinating? AiGameDev.com is hiring!

We're looking for anyone passionate about the topic of Game/AI to join the team. If you think you have a skill we need, just send us an email: <team at AiGameDev.com>. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.